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The Center for the Development of Knowledge and Innovation in the Fields of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Data Science, and Actuarial Science Integrated with Islamic Values, Humanity, Modernity, and Nationality.


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The faculty members of the Mathematics program at UIN Jakarta are derived from prominent institutions both domestically and internationally, possessing decades of experience in their respective fields.

The academic community of the Mathematics program consistently engages in research and publications, both in nationally accredited journals such as Sinta, as well as internationally accredited publications (e.g., Scopus, WoS, etc.).

The Mathematics program implements the MBKM curriculum and remains up-to-date with advancements in science and technology.

The students of the Mathematics program at UIN Jakarta have achieved notable success both nationally and internationally, in both academic and non-academic domains.


As one of the largest and oldest Islamic tertiary education institutions in Indonesia, UIN Jakarta is equipped with comprehensive facilities to support the success of both faculty members and students.

The Mathematics program believes that the sustained success in the development of science and technology can only be achieved through a triple helix collaboration with private sector and government partners.

Pure & Applied Mathematics

Dynamical Systems, Finite Element/Difference/Volume, Functional Analysis, Mathematical Modelling.

(Big) Data Science & AI

Exploratory Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Social media Analytics, Big Data.

Actuarial Science

General Insurance, Pension, Life Insurance, Mathematical Finance.


The Mathematics Study Program of the Faculty of Science and Technology UIN Jakarta shapes the way of thinking and constructs logic that will make it easier for us to analyze every problem in all areas, including in the area of public relations.

Dennis Sugianto

Public Relations at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology

The knowledge and experience I have gained here have prepared me to contribute confidently in the professional world. Overall, the Mathematics program has provided me with deep learning experiences that have influenced my personal and professional growth. Furthermore, it has fostered my interest in applied mathematics, data science, and computer science, which now serve as the foundation for my career and life.

M. Irvan Septiar Musti

Head of AI & Data Analytics PT Media Kode Indonesia

In UIN Jakarta’s mathematics program, I learned not only theory and finding solutions but also anticipating potential problems and determining solutions to overcome them. I recall studying data mining before the term became so prevalent in Indonesia. The professors were very supportive and aided me in developing myself to the point where I obtained a scholarship to study data science and artificial intelligence in Russia.

Utih Amartiwi

Data Scientist

I am very fortunate to be a part of Mathematics at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, as it has taught me to think critically and systematically, which has facilitated my rapid learning of new concepts. Additionally, during my studies, several courses provided case studies, enabling me to become accustomed to analyzing problems and providing solutions, and most importantly, to dare to make decisions. because courage needs to be trained & decisions need to be argued.

M. Farid Fachrurozi

Head of Data Management

Throughout my studies in the Mathematics department at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, with full scholarships from the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, I have continuously expressed gratitude for being guided by quality lecturers who teach critical thinking in the real world. Despite Mathematics sounding difficult and unenjoyable at first glance, the truth is that this discipline offers the most benefits and applications in daily life. Starting out in banking and eventually deciding to become a mathematics teacher covering all curricula and pioneering a private tutoring business. Currently, also pursuing a career as a virtual assistant. Thank you, Mathematics program.

Delima Nabila Cahyani

Cambridge A/AS level Mathematics teacher